How to boost Android Performance

Some months before I have purchased Samsung mobile with 3 GB RAM, initially it was working good as expected but after some time it’s start lagging & responding very slow. I tried uninstalling application & daily cleaning up the memory but that is also not helpful.

Then I start digging some of the options & found below 3 options in “Developer Tools” in Android that can be disable to boost up the speed.

Goto — Settings —- Developer Options (if it’s not enable then there are lot of videos / blogs for the same or easy way to enable “Tap 7 times on your Build Version” under details & option will be now visible.)

Please Note – Don’t Play with Developer options, it may damage your phone. Better to hide the same again after doing above steps.

After disabling above 3 options start using your phone normally & now you can see performance the mobile is now change & responding quickly as new 🙂

Can’t connect to X11 window server using ‘hostname:2’

If you are getting this below error in while opening SAPINST GUI in linux machine then run below command.

May 8, 2015 6:38:04 AM [Info]: GUI started.
May 8, 2015 6:38:04 AM [Info]: >> No protocol specified
May 8, 2015 6:38:04 AM [Info]: >> Closed input stream
May 8, 2015 6:38:04 AM [Error]: GUI terminated with return code 4
May 8, 2015 6:38:05 AM [Info]: >> Invocation target exception: Can’t connect to X11 window server using ‘hostname:2’ as the value of the DISPLAY variable; you may consider checking your DISPLAY environment variable.

xhost +

on base machine where we start vnc.

then ssh the host and start GUI.

Oracle upgrade to in windows

Few days back i did my Oracle Upgrade from to  in Windows 2003/ multiple Oracle homes environment. I did it successfully with the help of upgrade guide from SMP.

Oracle upgrade requires version. first we upgrade to then

I have also prepare the notes for the same. if any one requires or stuck on any phase, do let me know.


Free Screen Capture for Windows 7

After upgrading my laptop from Win XP to Win 7, I was unable to use ZAPGRAB as there is a compatibility issue with Win 7. For working in Win 7 you need to download the LICENSED version of ZAPGRAB. I have found many free screen captures programs on internet that can fulfill my requirements as ZAPGRAB do but didn’t find any good one.

After a lot of searching I have found “Greenshot” which is better than others & can also use in WIN 7. It’s an open source program.

Here is an download link of Greenshot official site

Where i am ??

Since long time i have written something in my Blog. I was too much busy with my new Job Profile.. exactly.. SAP. I am happy with it at least I am doing something different & giving my services to Global Clients. Presently Working as SAP Basis Consultant.

Since i have joined from the day 1 to till date.. every day is a new day & new learning for me. As i am not a good listener(comments from my some friends) but i will try to catch the things..

SAP is divided in 3 things.. Operating System, Database & Application. I am trying to learn one by one. Now a days my total focus on learning Java Technologies & Java integration in SAP. How ABAP+JAVA works together. It’s very difficult to understand as sometime, it’s give me confusion as in SAP you can do same things in several ways. But still my study about JAVA going on..& i hope i will complete it soon. I will try to keep update my blog.

Till then good bye..

My Working

Hi to All,

I am just busy up with my as usual work but in between i got some to enjoy with friends & also integrate some new things in software. From Last 2-3 days i was trying to implement linux firewall for my own company but unfortunately due to reasons, i was unable to accomplish my work. This is worth while saying that Engineer Can work for others but when they mend to their own they are “Good For Nothing”.

Amazing MS Paint Features…

Well many pplz who are using Windows different version.. they always go through the Accessories feature of Windows & found MS-Paint over there.. But most of the pplz never use MS-Paint for any creation, editing.

Many of them only go thorugh when they use print screen feature of windows & paste in MS-Paint. Usually i also do this & also some time use only Save As feature of MS-paint to get minimize the size of current picture of other format [:)]. But never use for editing..

But here i go thorugh one of my fav site.. where i found the great use of MS-paint..

Read the full post over here.. MS-Paint Features.

Even you can watch the Intresting MS-Paint Feature

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