Open Proxies

If there is any software/ hardware firewall or Proxy Websense Software installed in your office and stop you to open websites. Use Open Proxies to solve out this issue.
My friend is working in a reputed company in abroad. He is facing the same problem. Company have installed Proxy websense so there is no way to open some business sites or job related sites. I gave him suggestion to use open proxy. After giving proxy address in browser he found it’s really works. You can find many type of Open proxies there. Like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP etc..

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if you need any proxy address or need any realted help. Leave your comment with your email address. I will try to give you best solution.

Soonr, Remotely Anywhere

Well think you are in not office and you need to work with your important file, which is in your computer or you need to download your important emails in your mobile.
Now Don’t get Worry..

A Soonr
company solves your problem. You can remotely download your files from anywhere with an Internet Connection, but there is a boundation to use it.
you need an soonr client running in your source PC with Internet Connectivity.

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