Free Screen Capture for Windows 7

After upgrading my laptop from Win XP to Win 7, I was unable to use ZAPGRAB as there is a compatibility issue with Win 7. For working in Win 7 you need to download the LICENSED version of ZAPGRAB. I have found many free screen captures programs on internet that can fulfill my requirements as ZAPGRAB do but didn’t find any good one.

After a lot of searching I have found “Greenshot” which is better than others & can also use in WIN 7. It’s an open source program.

Here is an download link of Greenshot official site

Good software for Privacy & Cleaning the PC

Today I am searching for some free stuff on net to clean up my unused ram/drive/blank folder blah blah. many websites i have checked & download the software but most of them are only demo version, for full version.. BUY 🙁 (i hate this word BUY).

Then i go through this software and install it on my PC and found that it’s 100% free with good features.

Cleanup Assistant

This simple free software helps speed up your system by free up your unused space from your hard disk by finding duplicate files, cached files, and others, then deleting them for you. if you’ve got personal files you no longer want, It also delete files in that way so u can’t restored it by any software(good for privacy). The software is free and easy interface to use by a non techie person too.

Free Antivirus on Internet

What I have found.

The World best anti virus engine KASPERSKY created a free anti virus for internet users. It’s very easy to download from website and u can subscribe it for a year. 100% free.

The anti virus also supports mail scan and real time scan and i found it better then other free antivirus. like AVG……

You can download it from the website.

Active Antivirus

Configure your own VPN with Hamachi

I don’t know if I am late to know about this amazing software but today I come across Hamachi. With Hamachi you can organize two or more computers with an Internet connection into their own virtual network for direct secure communication.

Hamachi is a UDP-based virtual private networking system. Its peers utilize the help of a 3rd node called mediation server to locate each other and to boot strap the connection between themselves. The connection itself is direct and once it’s established no traffic flows through our servers.There are more than 785,000 users worldwide using Hamachi. It’s fast, secure and simple. It is also free.You just need to download and install the hamachi. It is currently available for Windows 2000/XP and Linux operating systemsDownload and configure Hamachi.