SAP ADS Rendering Issue

Recently we have discovered that after configuration of ADS service in SAP Netweaver 7.40, we are facing rendering error while running report (SA38) – FP_CHECK_DESTINATION_SERVICE

We verified the configuration by going through multiple available SAP blogs but didn’t find the resolution of rendering error.

As per SAP note rendering errors occurs due to SAP Interactive forms credentials but we are not using the same & we have not configured any interactive forms but still it’s throwing errors.

By going through the multiple SAP Note, we have discovered that this issue is related to missing SUSE OS libraries which need to install & then restart the Java System or else restart the Adobe Document Service.

Helpful SAP Notes –

2215355 – Complementary analysis for ADS termination
2029940 – IFbA: Required additional RPM package for ADS on Linux

Checking Adobe Document Services in SAP

You can check ADS connection in SAP via multiple different methods. Make sure before checking below ADS RFC should working fine in SM59.

1. SA38 – FP_CHECK_DESTINATION_SERVICE (With tick mark).

It should give your reply with tick mark.

2. SA38 – FP_PDF_TEST_00

3. SA38 – FP_TEST_00

If there are any other error like SOAP/exception or any, you need to check the Java server Node or check server Trace. if restart of server node works & ADS start working. 1 cause of this, it means you are running out of memory in system. check the memory at OS level.