SAP: What is SAPCPE & Usage of SAPCPE

SAPCPE is an program which exists in your Kernel folder. it helps to copy kernel binaries from one location to another exe location.

Whenever we run the “STARTSAP” command, SAPCPE copy or verify the kernel binaries from “CDEXE” location to Instance/exe. it depends whether how much instances you have including ASCS/SCS, ERS & Gateway.

When we perform Kernel Upgrade activity we update the kernel patch level on “CDEXE” location & rest other location are having the old version of kernel. if we want to update the kernel patch level in Instance EXE before starting the system then we can perform the same via SAPCPE manually.

For doing this, we need to find the respective instance profile & run the below command.

Example –

sapcpe pf=/usr/sap//SYS/profile/Instance_Profile

Once you trigger the above command it copies the required binaries from CDEXE location to respective profile instance directory/exe & update the kernel.

How it Works Internally

There are some LST files exists in the kernel directory(CDEXE) where it read the LST file to copy the same. we have separate LST file for Instance, ERS, ASCS/SCS & Gateways. These LST files are mentioned in the respective profiles.

For Example –

sapcpe pf=/usr/sap//SYS/profile/Instance_Profile

When you run the above command SAPCPE read the Instance_Profile & find out the LST file mentioned in profile & based on this LST file, it transfer the respective binaries only from CDEXE to Instance Directory/exe.

The same procedure also happen when you trigger the STARTSAP.

I hope this clarifies the SAPCPE usage.

Dialog info queue unavailable

Recently i upgraded my SAP(Oracle+Win2k) kernel 7.01 Patch Level 23 to Patch Level 150 via JSPM . After upgrading however i am able to start SAP by MMC,  SAP Dispatcher is running but I am not able to see my ABAP WP table. Dispatcher turns to yellow and shows “Dialog info queue unavailable“. After some research i am able to solve out the issue.

Procedure to resolve:

The sapstartsrv.exe file is not updated in C:WINDOWSsystem32. (after kernel upgrade)

The resolution is to copy the latest file from /SID/exe of the upgraded kernel and paste and overwrite the one existing in C:WINDOWSsystem32 and then restart the Services and SAP.

The dialog queue appeared and the issue resolved.

Hope this helps..