SAP Line Opener Program – LOP for SAP Remote Access Support

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Going through some of my old stuff, i found interesting tool of SAP which is called Line Opener Program, it’s use to open R/3 connection to your SAP system for SAP Remote Access Support, I have collected some details with the help of SAP documentation & Note –

1. What is LOP(Line Opener Program)

Line Opener (LOP) is a standalone program which integrated directly into Solution Manager 7.1 SP13 onwards with below Key features

Key features are:

LOP runs as a program on the ABAP stack of the Solution Manager.
It can be started automatically during system start-up.
It can be scheduled to run as a batch job.


SAP can access a system at customer side faster and even in times (e.g. night times or weekends) when it is difficult to reach contact persons at customer side or in case of serious problems.

Communication costs can be reduced (e.g. when using an ISDN connection) as the network connection is only opened for the time needed.

Customers can allow Semi Automatic Opening on system level for each system.
Every time a service connection is opened, you are informed via email and the action is stored in the log book.

2. How it works

LOP uses https-requests to check periodically whether an opening request for one of your systems exists in SAP Service Marketplace. If an appropriate request is found the LOP opens the corresponding network connection between your SAProuter and SAP.

3. Implementations Steps

To successfully set up and run the Line Opener Program some prerequisites must be fulfilled.

Import SSL Certificate in Solution Manager as per Note – 797124

Create RFC Destination(HTTP Connection to External Server) & assign S user ID in RFC for communication

Configure AI_SC_LINE_OPENER program to run in batch mode

Perform SAO(Semi Automatic Opening) setup in SMP(SAP Market Place) for each system

4. Mail Confirmation – When SAP open connection directly (LOP configured)

5. Challenge

R/3 connection can open directly by SAP but for other connections (HTTP/WTS etc) requires manual intervention

Security team manage credentials for system manually

Background Job should be running continuously & if cancel should schedule again to check for opening connection.

For Detailed Steps please follow below documentation from SAP –

Solman Alerts Downtime Management during Planned Activity

Login to Solman by solman_admin & run solman_workcenter

Go to – Technical Administration – Work mode Management


Select filter — Type System name (PQS)

Click on – Work mode management – start embedded



Select PQS as below – you will see below option.

Click on schedule work mode



It will open another screen. Fill the details & save.


Now when you refresh the solman screen you can see 1 active entry below.


This downtime will automatically disable once given time is finished & Alerts resume automatically.

Solution Manager 7.0 EHP1 to 7.1 Upgrade- Windows/Oracle

Recently we have done a Solman 7.0 EHP 1 to Solman 7.1 Upgrade.

Source Details: – Windows 2003, Oracle & Solman 7 EHP1  ST28

Target Details: – Windows 2003, Oracle & Solman 7.1 SPS 5

Before Upgrade to Solman 7.1, it’s always recommended that you go through all the prerequisite, upgrade guide, upgrade notes, sizing document & install & upgrade planner.

Solman 7.1 requires lot of pre – upgrade steps to be completed before upgrade, as it’s require more RAM, Page file & also requires  SAP parameters value updates etc.

During Pre upgrade steps we have stuck in one phase as RCA is not working in Solman_Workcenter. To reactivate RCA we need to update the ABAP+JAVA support packages to latest level. We calculated the STACK.XML of ABAP+JAVA support packs & upgrade our Solman 7.0 EHP1 to ST 28 level. Also update the Java support packs through JSPM.

I can’t write the whole upgrade process & technical activity in this post. if you require any help or stuck in any phase during upgrade, you can contact me.

Solman Upgrade requires SOLMANUP tool for upgrade & it requires below space in your file system.

Solmanup & DIR_TRANS 20GB free space
Database 50GB free space


Important SAP notes.

Additional Information about upgrade to 7.1 1462137
Oracle Database specific to this upgrade 819655
Keyword for Upgrade 1462137
Known problems with Support Packages in SAP NW 7.0x AS ABAP 822379
Supplements to Solution Manager 7.1 1577909
SAP products are supported by your SAP Solution Manager version. 1010428
Profile parameters for Solution Manager 7.1 SP Stack 1 (Mandatory) 1582842
Use of virtual TCP/IP host names 1624061
Minimum support package level in source release 394616

Media List.

SAP KERNEL DVD 51042616_8
JAVA DVD 51042609
ORACLE DVD 64 BIT (Optional) 51041033
SAP Cryptographic library