Microsoft Azure Administrator – AZ 103 Certified

I have cleared AZ 103 certification in Jan 2020 successfully & this will help us to understand the functionality of Azure.
There are lot of topics which need to cover for AZ103 Exam. I have gone through Udemy Course as well.
However Microsoft announced that from Mar 2020 , AZ103 will replace to AZ104.

some different topics which requires attention:

What is Azure Policy
Azure Subscription
Azure Baseline Resource
Azure Storage
Storage Explorer
Redundant Storage
blob storage
azure backup
power shell – AZVM
virtual networks – subnet
route table
express route
Network Security Groups
conditional access
AD identity protection
access review
azure AD connect
create custom role (power shell & CLI)
Network performance monitor
network watch –

Some LABS –

OpenDX course – Very useful

you can find the good information here –

New AZ-104 Exam Replaces AZ-103 – What We Know!

Google Cloud Associate Engineer Certification

Recently I have prepared for GCP Associate Cloud Engineer exam and passed. Here are some of by observations –

• Exam questions are quite tricky not so much tough but basic knowledge of GCP should be there, some of the questions are really requires more attention as answers are really close to each other with some wording difference — take your time to read the question properly then respond.

• As Google FAQ said that some of the questions are not marked, they are just trial questions but actually you don’t know which one is trial so better to focus on the questions & make your attempt successful.

• There are also scenario-based questions which requires your knowledge to understand & respond.

• Topics mentioned in the exam details on Google site were covered. GCE, IAM, Google Groups, Copy Roles, GKE / App Engine, Cloud Storage (for Archiving – Coldline), Deployment Manager, KMS, Traffic Splitting VPC, gcloud commands, BigQuery & BigTable etc.

• I have an work experience on SAP BASIS & also working on cloud SAP projects, now this has been an added advantage for me to understand the cloud concepts however I had to learn a lot & also do hands on experience on Google Cloud.

• I have learned through Google official documentation for understanding the GCP concepts. It’s very comprehensive guide but obviously it’s requires hands on experience too because you don’t know when it goes deeper & wider.

• The self assessment tests given on Google official site is only for giving you a fair idea where you stand but doesn’t mean that you are ready to pass the exam. You have to go through each & every topic which mentioned in the official exam guide.

• Once you complete the test in the end you will get the provisional result indicating whether you passed or failed. Once you passed, within a day or so, you will get an official email from Google with Certification link.

• Like for any other exams, there is no break in this too. if you take break then it will minus from your exam time.

• Resources for learning –

o Google official documentation
o Udemy / Cloudera
o Braincert (for Practice exams)

Learning Resources
• GCE:
• App Engine:
• Google IAM:
• gcloud:
• gcloud command reference:
• Storage FAQs:
• Cloud SQL FAQs:
• gsutil command reference: (refer to gsutils Commands section)
• bq CLI reference:
• Free Tier FAQs:
• Support:
• Selecting storage options:
• GCP mapping to AWS & Azure:
• Google Cost Calculator & Comparison:
• 3rd Party Online Cost Comparison Websites:
• Practice Test:

Wish you the very best with your GCP certification. You can reach out to me for SAP BASIS or GCP short time consulting.