Tomcat Performance issue in SAP Business Objects 4.1 SP7

A New Installation of SAP Business Objects 4.1 SP7 with default Tomcat 7.0 Installation comes with (-Xmx) = 2048M & MaxPermSize = 384M.

However in some cases when there are multiple users login & execution of reports are happening then this memory is quite low & you can see the performance issue in your BO server where Adaptive Processing Server started responding very slow & sometime it’s hang while creating OLAP connections.

Some errors can be visible in logging directory of Tomcat on below file –

However in the BO system defined parameter to use file for memory related parameters.

We can increase the Tomcat memory on below file as per SAP recommendation –


Create a backup of original file & change the parameter of above file as per below notes.

Please Note – Before updating any Tomcat memory parameter, shut down the BO application & Tomcat, update the parameter & Restart the Tomcat & BO applications.

Verify the Memory of Tomcat in Linux –

ps -ef | grep tomcat ——— see the new memory parameter.

Reference SAP Notes –
2405536 – Best Practice: The popular combinations of Tomcat Max Memory Pool size and MaxPermSize
2075671 – Best Practice: How to identify Tomcat crash, unresponsive or hanging issue

SAP Business Objects 4.1 SP07 Installation Error

Hello All,

During an Installation of SAP Business Objects 4.1 SP07 with DB2 11.1 Database, we have encountered an error after giving CMS DB & Port & click on Continue –

Database access error. Reason Loading shared object failed. First tried to load library db2 and failed because of error: [db2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory]. Second tried to load library and failed because of error: [/usr/lib64/ symbol gzopen64, version ZLIB_1.2.3.3 not defined in file with link time reference]. (FWB 00090)

As this error is misleading where SAP suggest to perform some steps at DB2 level for SAP note search for BO 4.1 but in our case this error is something related to Library files which are missing in Installation Folder.

We found the solution in SAP BO 4.2 SAP notes which are listed below –

As per SAP Note – 2689156 – BI 4.2 SP05 installation failed with DB2 11.1 on Linux 7.3&7.4


Download the 3 files,, from the attachments.
Place these 3 copied lib files in the dunit folder of the downloaded setup files of SBOP BI PLATFORM SERVER.
ex: BusinessObjectsServer/dunit/ (So that we have both the compatible versions of and its dependents files in DU directory.)
Run the install, It should smoothly proceed with the installation after replacing.

The above solution works like CHARM in our case & we have successfully installed BO 4.1 SP7.

I believe this post helps.