A Letter for Jobseekers… :)


Global Economy Down… Indian Economy Down.. Software companies , Other MNC’s Profit is less when compared with last quarter . Indian Based BIG companies sending the experienced staff out and saying that they are restructuring …. Hyderabad Based Big software Company    fired 6000 employees … all the campus selected candidates kept as pending….lot  stories …every where same stories ..what to do ? Now it self many are not having jobs .. if this kind of circumstances occurs , then how to get job ….will it be tough game ? NO NO NO…..But how to get job? Same fundamental . When you are having talent no body can stop you to get job. If you are not having the talent , try to sharp it by practice . Jobs are there . The recession what ever coming is only market speculative news . Those type of circumstances will be staying temporarily .So don’t get panic and stop your preparation to get job. Try to prepare as usual how you planned. If you stop by hearing this type of news , you only going to loose. So its better to continue how you planed. It might delay you for a month extra but not more than that. So Stop listening all this unwanted stories . Try to concentrate on Job search more and more. Its very nice that Industry started giving importance to skilled people rather than references and recommendations. So it’s good time to start your job search with some more energy. You trust yourself that you are going to get the job. Try to put all your efforts . You will win the Job.

All The Best

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