Changing data source ABAP to Database(default) in SAP Enterprise Portal.


Recently, I faced an issue in which I had to change the User Data Source of the portal to Database but I didn’t see the default option.

I got stuck after changing Portal — User Management — Identity Management — Data Source —- Database only to ABAP System.

After restarting the instance the value of Data Source shows only ABAP system & for somehow if you want to revert to Database only, it’s not possible. There is no any other options rather than ABAP System.

As per SAP note 718383.


No change is possible.

This configuration supports all usages (especially SAP Exchange Infrastructure and SAP Enterprise Portal) by making ABAP users and ABAP roles available as users and groups in the UME, and supports the creation of new groups in the UME (which are then stored in the local database) as well.

The below SDN thread talks about same issue:


You can change the database only(default) option by editing UME properties in Config Tool.

Steps to follow:

·         Config Tool — Global server configuration – services –

·         ume.persistence.data_source_configuration (Make this value Restore to Default)

·         Restart the instance.

Now when you check again in Portal— User Management — Identity Management — Data Source

It will show the Database only(Default) value.


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