Configure 2 SFTP Destinations in SAP BO


Recently there is an requirement to to send schedule reports from SAP BO 4.1 SP7 to two different SFTP locations.

For configuring SFTP, you requires fingerprint. There are multiple ways to generate, you can get more details from here –

This can be achieved by configuring SFTP destination in Servers – Adaptive Job Server – Destinations.

You can configure 1 SFTP destination at a time in Adaptive Job Server – Destination & for second SFTP destination you need to create a clone of Job Server & configure with second SFTP destination.

Now if you schedule the Job for Webi Reports, fill the SFTP destination field. it will pick the server automatically as given option – Use the first available server.

The problem on this scenario is, I am getting success in sending the report to first SFTP destination but for second SFTP destination, it’s continuously failing with sftp error as SFTP destination is different as compare to configure in Job Server.

My challenge to give Second Job Server for sending the reports to my second SFTP destination. While scheduling you cannot select the Job Server however there is an option to select Job Server Group.

To achieve this, I have created a Job Server Group in CMC — Servers with the name Job Server & assign the second Adaptive Job Server to this Group.

I have suggested now to schedule the report again & choose option – Give preference to servers in selected group.

This time it will pick the job server assigned to this group & it will send the data to second SFTP destination successfully.

A major drawback of this configuration is, if a job server assigned to this group get stopped then it will stop sending data to SFTP destination & job also start getting failed.

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