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Well Iphone is coming in India very soon, as per news paper and different different blogs, we people find the information. but my question is Iphone WILL SUCCESS IN INDIA OR NOT ? WHERE MOST OF THE PEOPLE USE ONLY MOBILE FOR INCOMING/OUTGOING.

Iphone is a technology phone..with best features.. Apple introduce 3g phone in $199 in US & other limited Countries but for this you have to take 2 yr subscriptions from your service provider. As in India Vodaphone/Airtel both are going to launch and both will do same scenario. so now the question arise..

How existing customer use iphone ??? 🙂 will they purchase a new 2 yrs subcription ?

I have owned iphone, My friend went to US & bought it for me.. I unlocked it now i am using it IDEA CELLULAR & it’s working perfectly with some minor issues. But the main drawback is what ever you want to do in Iphone you have to be get connected with PC & ITunes. A computer techie person do it easily but for a normal user, it’s very difficult.

Some Drawback what i found in phone :

1. No Bluetooth Data Transfer ( Only for Wireless Headset )

2. No Flash ( Still 2 Mega Pixel Camera)

3. Low Ringer Volume ( In India so noisy traffic so you can’t hear )

4. Need PC for Everything.. like Photo Transfer, Music transfer, Data Transfer.

5. Battery Issue.. (You Can’t Replace the battery urself, like others u do, you have to go Apple store for change)

So now if you are planning to buy an iphone in India, give a Second Thought… It’s worth buy because Nokia & Samsung is also Coming with this type of technology phone..

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