Nice E-mail Composing tips:


There are some nice email writing tips with whom you can impress your friends, clients, boss etc etc.. To be a good citizen and to protect yourself and others, follow these guidelines from Cornell University ( when writing and sending electronic mails.

What to Do ..

* Write carefully. Once you send an e-mail message, you cannot take it back or make it disappear. The reality is that your messages may be saved for a very long time. They may also be read inadvertently by others, or forwarded to others without your knowledge.

* Use upper and lowercase text. Using all uppercase letters means SHOUTING and can be offensive.

* Sign your messages with at least your name. It’s nice to add your e-mail address, too, since some e-mail programs make it difficult to see who the sender of the message was.

* Address your messages carefully. Some addresses may belong to a group, even though the address appears to belong to just one person.

* Respect copyrights. E-mail messages and news posts are included in the types of works that can be copyrighted.

* Indicate humor or jokes with a sideways smiley face. 🙂
(The basic smiley is a colon, dash, and right parenthesis. There are many variations.) You can also include something like “<grin>” or “<sarcasm on>” to show your state of mind.

* Be diplomatic. Criticism is always harsher when written, and e-mail can be easily forwarded.

* Be calm. You may have misunderstood what was meant. Don’t reply while you’re still angry (this is called “flaming”).

* Be brief. Don’t include background images, pictures, animations, etc. unless they are critical to your message. When replying to a message, you don’t have to include the entire text of the original message. Include just enough to give the context of your response.

* Watch out for viruses in attached files. Attached files are a common way to spread computer viruses. In Eudora, just receiving an attachment cannot infect your computer. But opening or running an attachment can.

What Not to Do ..

* Don’t forward chain mail! These messages tell you to send or forward them to several other people. Don’t — starting or continuing chain mail violates university policy.

* Don’t get fooled by Internet hoaxes and computer virus myths. Before you forward a so-called virus alert to everyone you know, check with the CIT HelpDesk or one of the web sites linked here to see if it’s for real.

* Don’t send unwanted e-mail. It can be regarded as harassment, which is governed by university policies and codes. Sending e-mail that someone else perceives as abusive or threatening may constitute criminal harassment.

* Don’t send numerous unsolicited messsages (“junk mail” or “spam”). Most people hate getting junk mail. It also slows down the networks and is generally a waste of valuable, limited resources.

* Don’t forge messages. Altering electronic communications to hide your identity or impersonate another person is considered forgery and violates university policy. Forgeries intended as pranks or jokes are still considered violations.

* Don’t forward e-mails unless you have the permission of the author. What they wrote may not have been intended for wider distribution, so it’s always better to ask.

I hope these tricks will make magic in your email and receiver feel good after reading… so enjoy….. & keep EMAILING……….:)

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