RISE with SAP : The Evolution of the SAP BASIS Consultant


In the era of RISE with SAP, the role of the SAP BASIS consultant is evolving, and with it, the skills required to excel in this role. Here are some key areas where SAP BASIS consultants will need to expand their expertise:

1. Cloud Technologies
With RISE with SAP, businesses are moving their SAP systems to the cloud. This means SAP BASIS consultants need to understand **cloud technologies** and how they interact with SAP systems. This includes knowledge of different cloud service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), cloud security, and cloud system administration.

RISE with SAP is designed to help businesses move to **SAP S/4HANA**, the latest generation of SAP Business Suite. SAP BASIS consultants will need to understand the architecture of SAP S/4HANA, how to install and configure it, and how to manage system upgrades and migrations.

3. Hybrid System Landscapes
As businesses transition to the cloud, many will operate in a **hybrid landscape** with some systems on-premises and others in the cloud. SAP BASIS consultants will need to know how to manage these hybrid landscapes, including system integration, data migration, and security.

4. Automation Tools
With the move to the cloud, there’s a greater emphasis on **automation**. SAP BASIS consultants will need to familiarize themselves with automation tools and techniques to streamline system administration tasks.

5. Vendor Management
As part of RISE with SAP, SAP will take on more of the system administration tasks traditionally handled by SAP BASIS consultants. This means consultants will need to develop skills in **vendor management** to effectively work with SAP and other service providers.

6. Business Process Knowledge
Finally, as SAP systems become more integrated with business processes, SAP BASIS consultants will need a deeper understanding of the **business processes** their systems support. This will enable them to better align system administration activities with business needs.

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Rise with SAP

Segregation of Duties between SAP and Customers

In the era of RISE with SAP, duties are segregated between SAP and customers. SAP takes on more of the system administration tasks, allowing customers to focus on their core business processes. This changes the role of the SAP BASIS consultant, shifting their focus from technical tasks to more strategic activities such as vendor management and business process optimization

Real-world examples of RISE with SAP implementation:

1. Johnson & Johnson’s Supply Chain Transformation
Johnson & Johnson commenced its supply chain transformation project in Q2 of 2023 to overhaul end-to-end processes on a global scale. This monumental undertaking impacts over 100,000 users. Johnson & Johnson is deploying a full suite of SAP Ariba, IBP, and S/4HANA capabilities via RISE with SAP to unify their data and enable real-time supply chain planning and execution. The cloud-based solutions now provide better resilience against disruptions. Dashboards and analytics empower users with actionable insights. The company also plans to explore emerging technologies like AI, ML and blockchain through the platform¹.

2. BASF’s Manufacturing Future-Proofing
BASF, the world’s largest chemical producer, aims to optimize production and accelerate innovation. In Q3 2023, BASF continued expanding its use of RISE with SAP, deploying S/4HANA at 10 plants in Europe. S/4HANA provides these facilities with real-time data across operations and a digital twin to simulate production for planning purposes. The implementation also incorporates SAP Asset Intelligence Network, which applies ML to predict equipment maintenance needs. By digitizing its assets and processes, BASF gains agility to quickly react to market changes¹.

3. Canada Goose’s Merchandising Revitalization
High-end apparel maker Canada Goose is undertaking a merchandising makeover. Their 2023 initiative with RISE with SAP looks to optimize planning, procurement, inventory, and retail processes. SAP S/4HANA, Ariba, and IBP enable real-time visibility for Canada Goose across sourcing, stock monitoring, and sales. The cloud suite integrates with Point Of Sales and inventory management systems to align supply and demand¹.

These examples demonstrate how RISE with SAP is enabling digital transformation across various industries, and how SAP BASIS consultants play a crucial role in these transformations.

If you are looking for a detailed video, what is going to be changed in the era of RISE with SAP for SAP BASIS Consultant, I would recommend to watch these 2 videos for more details –

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