SAP Basis OS Support on Linux for Beginners


As a **SAP Basis consultant**, understanding commonly used Linux commands is essential for supporting SAP customers in their day-to-day work. Whether you’re managing SAP systems or troubleshooting issues, having a grasp of basic Linux commands can significantly enhance your efficiency.

## Basic Linux Commands for SAP Basis Consultants

1. **Logging In**: Linux administrators can use tools like PuTTY, Kitty, or other applications to log in with either the `root` or `sidadm` user. Keep in mind that these IDs have different rights concerning both the operating system (OS) and SAP applications.

2. **Common Commands**:
– `ls`: Lists files and directories in a specific mount point or directory.
– `ls -al`: Lists directory contents, including hidden files.
– `ls -ltr`: Lists files in ascending order of modification time.
– `cd dirname`: Moves to another directory.
– `cd ..`: Moves one step back in the directory structure.
– `info`: Displays a list of available OS commands.
– `info `: Provides detailed information about a specific command.
– ` –help`: Shows available options for a particular command.
– `pwd`: Displays the present working directory.
– `cat > filename`: Creates a new file using the `cat` command.
– `vi `: Opens a file editor.
– `head -10 filename`: Displays the first 10 lines of a file.
– `tail -10 filename`: Displays the last 10 lines of a file.

3. **Managing Files and Directories**:
– Use `mkdir` to create directories.
– Use `rm` and `rmdir` to remove files and directories.

## Zypper Commands for Package Management

– **Zypper** is the package manager for SUSE Linux. It works on top of RPM and allows you to install, remove, and update packages.
– To get started with Zypper:
– Run `zypper` without any options to see global options and commands.
– To open a Zypper shell session, use the command: `zypper shell`.
– Search for a package (e.g., `gnome-desktop`) before installing.
– List defined repositories with `zypper repos` or `zypper lr`.
– Refresh repositories using `zypper refresh` or `zypper ref`.
– Disable or enable repositories with `zypper modifyrepo` or `zypper mr`.

Remember that mastering these commands will empower you as an SAP Basis consultant working with SUSE Linux. Stay curious and keep exploring the world of Linux!

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