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Solution Finder

SAP Service Reports are an absolute goldmine when it comes to optimizing your SAP Solutions and maximizing their business value. However, we understand that going through numerous documents filled with intricate details can be quite a task.

SAP for Me has got you covered with an amazing app called Solution Finder! This app takes all your weekly service reports for your SAP systems and magically condenses them into a personalized customizable to-do list. And here’s the best part: it uses cutting-edge algorithms to spot similarities and text types.

The ‘Customer Insights‘ dashboard is an interactive reporting developed in SAP for Me to power the success of your SAP investment with proactive and timely status updates of your SAP solutions across all products, support contracts and deployment types. The realization happens using the phased approach when the content will be delivered with several releases.

SAP EarlyWatch Alert is a service that checks essential administrative areas of SAP solutions and keeps you up to date on their performance, stability and security, see

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