SAP – IGS failing with RFC External Failure


Recently we have faced issue where IGS stopped working after BW system restart. As our BW system is connected to Portal & it’s throwing error while generating reports.

We have checked that IGS RFC is working fine in SM59 – TCP/IP but when we run the report in SA38 – GRAPHICS_IGS_ADMIN. it’s failing with error “RFC_EXTERNAL_FAILURE”.

By going through the multiple log files, we identify that it’s failing as IGS is not able to bind the DEFAULT Port.

Port 4NN01 and 4NN02 where NN is the instance number

Due to this it’s not connecting to IGS server. We followed SAP note – 2719952 to resolve the issue.

We change the IGS default port to customize & restart the system.

Example as below –

igs/listener/http = 40085
igs/mux/port = 40005
igs/pw/1 = 40006,7
igs/pw/2 = 40008,9

By changing above now IGS is listening to different Port & RFC & Reports are working fine.
Hope this Helps.

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