SAP MAX DB 7.9 Volume Administration


Recently while working on Live Cache Backup/Restore there was some issue reported regarding mismatch of DATA VOLUMES in target system. While checking they see that it’s 100% full at OS level and OS team by mistakenly deleted the folder of DATA from OS level.

Now data files are visible at MAXDB studio but it’s physically exists at OS level. As we need to restore the system from backup so there is no data loss for SAP system and we have started the adding data files at OS level but make sure DATA and LOG files addition works in PAGES in MAXDB system.

Procedure to Follow –

1. First we need to delete the data files visible in MAXDB studio by connecting through dbmcli with control password.

param_delvolume 1(No. of data volume visible at MAX DB)

same need to perform for other numbers as well.

2. Please make sure there is enough space at OS level when you are adding DATA files and LOG files.

Please Note – DATA and LOG added in Pages.

128 Pages = 1 MB

if you want to add 10 GB each of DATA Volume, you need to run below command –

param_addvolume 1 DATA /mountpath/filename F 1280000
param_addvolume 2 DATA /mountpath/filename F 1280000
param_addvolume 3 DATA /mountpath/filename F 1280000
param_addvolume 4 DATA /mountpath/filename F 1280000
param_addvolume 5 DATA /mountpath/filename F 1280000

Now you have added around 50 GB of Data Volume in MAXDB but this is not visible at 10 GB in MAXDB, it will extend till 10 GB when you start your restore activity. Add Data Volumes as per your respective DB Size.

You also need to create LOG volume as well otherwise your restore will fail. Log volume addition also works in same pages formula.

128 Pages = 1 MB

param_addvolume 1 LOG /mountpath/filename F 128000
param_addvolume 2 LOG /mountpath/filename F 128000
param_addvolume 3 LOG /mountpath/filename F 128000
param_addvolume 4 LOG /mountpath/filename F 128000
param_addvolume 4 LOG /mountpath/filename F 128000

I have added here 5 GB of Log volume.

You can start your restore activity in MAXDB after Log Out/Login.

Please Note – During restoration of MAXDB you can get an error of LOG volumes, this is expected error and you need to run below command to clear the LOG and continue the restore –

util_execute clear log

Happy Reading!!!!

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