SAP Table TRBAT contains lock entry: LOCKMARK


Yesterday i found that my auto import job in BW system got hanging & continuously running since half an hour. truck icon was there & in “Import Monitor” status is running. There is no other option for me rather then cancelling the import from Import Monitor – Right Click – Delete Entry.

I did some troubleshooting & found that “RDDIMPDP” job is running & finishing with below warning “Table TRBAT contains lock entry: LOCKMARK“.

While checking the both tables in SE16 “TRBAT” & “TRJOB”. i see old entries are exists over there. This need to be delete for overcome this issue. Entries from these tables can be delete from SM30. I did the same & run again “RDDNEWPP” in Client 000 & Productive Client by DDIC or respective user. This will schedule a new “RDDIMPDP” job.

These steps help me to resolve the issue & auto import job is running fine.

Leave comments if this helps you.

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