SAProuter Testing & Troubleshooting


The SAProuter is a program that acts as an intermediate location in the network between SAP systems where access is controlled before data is sent further along the communication path. Connections can also be established between SAP systems over several SAProuters. You can then secure connections between adjacent SAProuters using SNC.

Here are some basic commands to troubleshoot & checking the connectivity of SAP Router to SAP or others SAP routers.

Restart a router:
saprouter -r -V 2 -K “p:CN=<local saphost>, OU=<customer number>,  OU=SAProuter, O=SAP, C=DE“

2. Out put to below commands should be error free respectively enables you to verify certificate import to SAProuter local host reach on required port:

Output of the command ‘sapgenpse’
Output of the command ‘sapgenpse get_my_name -n all’
Output of the command ‘sapgenpse seclogin -l’
Output of the command ‘ping’ <localsaphost at your end>
Output of the command ‘telnet<localsaphost at your end> 3299

3. To verify internal firewall has been released to allow the access from your R/3 system(s) to your local saprouter server. You can verify the firewall rules and the connectivity to SAP using the following commands:

niping -c -O -S 3299 -H <localsaphost at your end>
niping -c -O -S 3299 -H /H/<localsaphost at your end>/H/
niping -c -H /H/<localsaphost at your end>/H/

All above command end with success or with connected message. if you find any error in any above niping command then you might have PORT opening issue in firewall or certificate issue.

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