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General SAP

Since long time i have written something in my Blog. I was too much busy with my new Job Profile.. exactly.. SAP. I am happy with it at least I am doing something different & giving my services to Global Clients. Presently Working as SAP Basis Consultant.

Since i have joined from the day 1 to till date.. every day is a new day & new learning for me. As i am not a good listener(comments from my some friends) but i will try to catch the things..

SAP is divided in 3 things.. Operating System, Database & Application. I am trying to learn one by one. Now a days my total focus on learning Java Technologies & Java integration in SAP. How ABAP+JAVA works together. It’s very difficult to understand as sometime, it’s give me confusion as in SAP you can do same things in several ways. But still my study about JAVA going on..& i hope i will complete it soon. I will try to keep update my blog.

Till then good bye..

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