What is Meebo

Meebo is an instant messenger which allows you to chat in your browser without installing any messengers. Presently Meebo supporting messengers are Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ICQ, Jabber, Gtalk. Meebo also support Multiple Languages to chat. You can login instantly in all these messengers same time and chat with friends by creating a meebo account.

When i was first introduced in meebo by my friend Sudhir. I said to him, it’s good but reality is i didn’t used it any more. Now when i change my job and found there is restriction on messenger in new company. I remember meebo. Then i realize how’s it’s usefull to keep in touch with friends without having messenger.
Now a days meebo is using by all over world.

How does meebo works.
Meebo is using 37 servers to communicate with other messengers. the list is started with www2.meebo.com upto www38.meebo.com.
So there is no problem that from where you are and from where you open meebo for chating. you won’t get meebo server down.
If there is any firewall (software/hardware) working in your company/office. It doesn’t affect in meebo working.
As i use, Meebo works with IE and Firefox.

Use Meebo do enjoy.

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