Boy & Girl can be Friend ?


Can opposite sex be friends

Friend or Girlfriend only three letter word is there that creates the difference when the two opposite sex people share the relation.
General saying/thinking is that opposite sex can never be friends sooner or later the other would turn into boyfriend & girlfriend.But from my viewpoint this type of friendship (if exists) is much stronger than that between a boy & boy or b/w girl & girl because there there is less jealousy & emotional bondig is much more powerful provided they respect each other.
Its true that there is attraction b/w two and its totaly natural since nature has created u this way but this doesnt mean u can’t be friends.Friendship a relation god has created irespective of caste ,colour ,creed,sex,status . Anyone can be ur friend.
Lets get back to our topic. I strongly believe that opposite sex persons are good friends provided they define there limits so that they can justify to themselves setting of limits depend on both of them .

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