What is Love….


May be is the purest form.

A guy and his girlfriend were speeding at 100 kmph.
Girl: Slow down its too scary
Boy: No its fun
He asks her to hug him tight and tells her “The helmet is heavy on my head. Take it off and wear”.
Next day it was seen in newspapers that a bike crashed into a building and out of the two only the girl survived.

The truth is,

The guy realized that the brakes had failed but did not want her to know. He felt her love by getting that hug from her for the last time.

I live for you..

A pair of young lovers were together for quite sometime. They were all set to tie the knot and lead rest of their lives together.
Barely days before the wedding they met with an bad road accident. After reovery the girl went to see the boy and was found that he lost both his eyes in the accident and have gone completely blind.
The boy said nothing but, “You love me and I want to live with you forever”. The girl took no time to say, “I cannot lead a good and happy life with a blind person” and left.A few days later the girl heard that boy has died of anxity and depression. His friends gave him a letter he left behind for her. It said.
“I die happy that at least my eyes live for you”

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