DB2 Index Creation for SAP BDLS


During our SAP Refresh Activity, we have seen it’s taking too much time on VBAP table while performing the BDLS activity.

DB2 Version –
SAP NW Version – 7.01

There are 2 ways to create, either you can create via SE11 then use SE14 to create in DB or else run below command to create directly in DB.

I have created the same directly in DB and once BDLS activity get completed, dropped the index.

db2 “create index VBAP_Z02 on .VBAP ( MANDT , LOGSYS_EXT )”

update runstats of table(Mandatory after creation of Index)

db2 “runstats on table .VBAP with distribution all coloumns and detailed indexes all”

Post completion of above 2, you can trigger the BDLS.

Drop of Index (Post BDLS)

db2 “drop index VBAP_Z02”

Let me know if this helps you.

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