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Recently I test my knowledge by giving GCP Digital Leader Exam on 21st May 2022. This is the basic exam which test you knowledge in Google Cloud space. This exam helps you to understand the services and offering by GCP and understanding of basic concepts. This exam doesn’t test your working technical skills. it’s mainly focus on right approach while suggesting, migrating, creating your workloads in Google Cloud

There are 60 questions in the exam and google doesn’t reveal your % passing marks in the end. You can only see PASS or FAIL in the end.

As i said earlier this is not an technical hands on exam hence as per my understanding questions are regularly updating as per the market trends and new offering. I have gone through multiple documentations, hands on learning and navigate google cloud new offerings to understand and use cases of them.

Below are the helpful links which help us to clear the exam —

#Best you tube video to understand —

Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification Course — Pass the Exam!

This video is provided by freecodecamp and you can also create an account in where you can find digital leader exam questions, however these exam questions are not up to dated but this can help you to understand the concepts.

P.S. — Don’t believe blindly that these questions are real exam questions.

# Google Official Documentation —

Solve Business Challenges with Google Cloud | Google Cloud Training
Cloud Digital Leader Introduction to Digital Transformation with Google Cloud Innovating with Data and Google Cloud…

This documentation is itself sufficient to clear the exam and also help you understand the cloud evolution, transformation, innovation, security and infrastructure of Google Cloud Platform.

#Console of Google Cloud Platform —

Create your free account in GCP and navigate all the services, offering. Compare these services with different options. Read all the Pros and Cons and you are good to go with CLOUD DIGITAL LEADER EXAM.

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