SAP HANA High Pool Usage JDBC Client


Hello All,

We have observed issue in SAP HANA 2.0 SPS05 with our SAP PO(Java System) where long running sessions or called long running cursors are not getting disconnected even sessions are completed at application level. SAP HANA DB is throwing alert ID 42 “Alert Long Running/idling cursors. it’s getting stuck at HANA level and we need to find the long running sessions, identified and disconnect the same manually by ALTER SYSTEM DISCONNECT SESSION ‘11111’;

During more investigation we found that there is an SAP note for the same thing which can consider 3228858 – High usage of memory by Pool/Statistics because of JDBC client and also found that we need to pass 1 parameter in config tool connection string to avoid this type of situation.

Config tool – Connection String – Append Parameter – “transactionalLobs=false”

Post adding this parameter restart the entire cluster and validate the application.

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