Environment –

SAP Distributed Installation – ASCS, DB & PAS running on separate host

Issue – DB13 Jobs(check DB & Update stats etc) are not running due to distributed installation.

Solution – Requires SAP gateway on DB Host to run the SAPXPG RFC. As per SAP recommendation we requires to install SAP Standalone Gateway with new SID.


GWSID – Gateway SID

This document is separated with 4 phases – (Unix Installation)


1. Identify the DB physical hostname for GW server installation

2. Identify the (SID) of GW server – i.e. – G30, G50 etc

3. Create local Mount Point request for new identified GW SID (if requires or else sapinst will create)
/usr/sap/(GW SID) – 5GB
/sapmnt/(GW SID) – 5 GB

4. Permission for mount point – (gwsid)adm:sapsys (full permission & others read only)

5. Download SWPM & Non Unicode Kernel for GW installation

6. Verify /tmp should have enough space to complete the installation (as SAPINST extract in /tmp by default)


1. Login via root & run SWPM in putty with command “./sapinst SAPINST_USE_HOSTNAME=db” (Virtual Host Name of DB server, if available or else physical)

2. Type GWSID(G30)

3. SAP Mount Directory – /usr/sap/ (As it will pick automatically new created mount point identified earlier)

4. Master Password for users

5. Provide SAPEXE.SAR & SAPHOSTAGENT.SAR (from Kernel directory)

6. Parameter Summary – Verify Details & Click on Show Details – Select Gateway Instance & Click Revise (if requires)

7. Successful installation will start the Gateway Service in host & Verify the same.

8. Specify Issues Encountered (Verify the installation error logs in /tmp directory & take corrective action.)

Post Installation Steps (Configuration)

1. login to (gwsid)adm & stopsap to stop the gateway server

2. Navigate to /usr/sap/(GWSID)//data & create 2 below files
vi reginfo
vi secinfo
Paste the below contents in 2 files –

3. Copy below files from SAP exe(kernel) directory to GATEWAY exe(kernel) folder –
BR* (all BRTOOLS binaries)

4. Set the below BRTOOLS permission in GATEWAY exe(kernel) folder –
brarchive, brbackup, and brconnect belong to ora(sid) : sapsys and have authorization 4774
brrestore, brrecover, brspace, and brtools belong to (sapdsid)adm : sapsys and have authorization 755

5. Set below parameters in Gateway Instance Profile –
SETENV_04 = PATH=$(DIR_EXECUTABLE):/usr/sap/SAPSID/SYS/exe/run:/oracle/SAPSID/121/bin:%(PATH)

(Replace SAPSID to respective SAP system name)

6. Set below parameters in Gateway ENV variable file – Verify SHELL = echo $SHELL & create a copy of existing ENV file & edit the same.
(.sapenv_(hostname).csh or .sapenv_(hostname).sh or

(Replace SAPSID with respective SAP System Name)

setenv SAPDATA_HOME /oracle/SAPSID
setenv PATH /oracle/SAPSID/121/bin:$PATH
setenv ORACLE_HOME /oracle/SAPSID/121(oracle version)
setenv USER (sapsid)adm
setenv dbs_ora_schema SAPSR3(schema user)
setenv DB_SID (SAPSID)
setenv dbs_ora_tnsname (SAPSID)
setenv dbms_type ORA
setenv SAPDATA_HOME /oracle/(SAPSID)
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/sap//SYS/exe/run:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Save the file, Log off & Login & verify the Environment Variables.

7. Start the gateway server by startsap

8. Login into ABAP System – SM59 – TCP/IP – SAPXPG_DBEST_DB(SID)
Program – sapxpg
Target Host – DB Hostname
Gateway Host – DB Hostname
Gateway Service – sapgw(GW instance number)
Save the RFC & Verify the Connection Test

9. DB13 – Choose update optimizer statistics & check DB & run immediately to verify SAPXPG is connecting to DB successfully with correct authorizations.


1. Installation Error TST_ERROR while installing the GW service
Generic error – it failed while starting the GW service in respective time frame, please crosscheck all the folders created in /usr/sap/GWSID & try to start the same directly from OS level.
if GW started successfully then ignore the installation error.”
“SAPXPG RFC Connection Error

2. Error – SAPXPG RFC not working – is SAP gateway started
Please check SAP Gateway should be started & in running status.

3. Error – SAXPG RFC not working – Storage allocation error
Please check whether it’s reading reginfo & secinfo file or restart the GW server

4. Error – SAPXPG RFC not working – Getting Timeout
Please check if you have copied the LIB file in GW exe folder, mentioned in Post Installation Steps”

5. Error – Permission denied to read log file in sapcheck directory
Login via ora(sid) & give 775 permission to respective connection file in sapcheck directory

6. Error – Invalid username / password
Please check the environment variables should be corrected & try to run BRCONNECT from OS level, sometime there will be issue at OPS$ mechanism, verify BRCONNECT from SAP user also.

7. Error – No Valid License Found
Please check the below ENV variable should exists for GW user.
setenv SAPSID (Replace with respective SAP server name)

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  1. Thanks for awesome document, I am still getting RFC error and DB13 check failed.

    Error Details Error when opening an RFC connection (CPIC-CALL: ‘ThSAPOCMINIT’, communication r

    I am trying this with distributed DB which is on oracle RAC.
    Please advice.


    • Hi Gokul,

      Thanks for the same.

      Regarding your error, there might be multiple things which need to check –

      1. Firewall Ports between hosts?
      2. is Gateway running on DB host?
      3. ABAP GW ACL mode (reginfo/secinfo)?

      You need to troubleshoot 1 by 1 on all the options then you can find the solution.


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