SAP USMM – User Licensing Report


USMM is a SAP licensing Tool to determine the number of users and the chargeable objects of the modules for SAP system.

Submitting Licensing report to SAP

Step 1: Generate License report

Navigate to USMM tx in SAP system & click on ‘System Measurement’

The system measure would trigger some background jobs which can be monitor from SM37, looks for jobs RSUVM* & wait for these jobs to be completed.

Go to ‘System measurement in the Menu and click on ‘Export to Law file’.

Save the file to a local folder (i.e. – USMM_License)

Step 2: Generate License report on all SAP systems

Perform this step in all the SAP systems
Save the License file for each system in the local folder

Step 3: Submit Report to SAP

Log on to any SAP production system.

In this system run transaction SLAW

This is the License Administration Workbench

Import all the systems data using the first icon on step 1 (Import Data of a System)
Once all the systems LAW files are imported from all SAP systems(already generated report)
Click on Combine Users –> Click on Consolidate All Data
DO NOT click on ‘Send results’ button yet.

Go to results tab to make sure to verify & review the reports along with the stake. Once numbers are satisfactory, you are good to submit report to SAP.After the number are satisfactory.

Click on Send (This will send the report to SAP)

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