LMBI – License Measurement tool for Business Objects


As per my earlier post, i have shared how BO licensing works.

Once you have install the BO license (CS & named user), now it’s time to audit the license as per license Contract with SAP. LMBI tool requires to perform this action.

This tool will run 2 things – Measurement & Consolidation.

Measurement – This need to run first time based on your version (32bit/64bit) by giving BO administrator credentials, once it’s collected the data successfully. it’s create the measurement.xml file in the respective location. This file requires to import in Consolidation tool.

Consolidation – This tool import the previous run measurement.xml file & ask you several questions. i.e. BO is standalone or integrated server, CPU details, licensing contract with SAP & will show the output whether you are consistent with your license or not.

Below Notes helpful to perform the action –

2817296 – Need correct License Measurement Tool (LMBI) for BI Platform
2383265 – How to launch License Measurement Tool (LMBI) when CORBA SSL protocol is configured

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