Recently we are getting issue in our SSO connectivity between SAP Business Objects 4.2 SP5 to SAP BW system. We have crosscheck the SSO certificate & it’s valid till 2025 but still it’s throwing the below error for all end users –

JCO_ERROR_LOGON_FAILUREL:Initialization of destination custom_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx failed: System received an expired SSO ticket on xx.xx.xxx.xxx. sysnr 00

There is no change in the SAP level & OS level as well & no OS patching has been done & suddenly it’s started for Analysis for Excel, Webi reports etc…

While going through the multiple things, we have identified that there is 3 minute time difference between SAP Business Objects Server & SAP BW Server. SAP BO server is 3 minute late with SAP BW server, due to this SSO ticket is expiring as BW is not accepting the same.

We update the NTP configuration in SAP Business Objects Server to sync the time with SAP BW server & verified the same at OS level. No need to restart the SAP BO or BW server.

Recheck the SSO functionality again & Voila, now it’s working fine for all BO related stuff.

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