SMT1 Trusted RFC issue


During creation of SAP Trusted RFC between 2 application servers by following the standard SAP note, we are facing issue while checking the remote login – ” No authorization to log on as a trusted system” (T-RC-1)”

There are different SAP Notes which are helpful for resolving these issues
SAP Note – 128447 – Trusted/trusting systems
SAP Note – 3155879 – No Authorization to log via a trusted system (L-RC=1 T-RC=1)
SAP Note – 2064251 – Prerequisites for analyzing issues with trusted/trusting systems
SAP Note – 2562730 – SMT1 errors

Above SAP notes were not helpful to resolve the issues because we observe that there is an “PADLOCK” with lock sign in front of trusted system. This means that it’s using new version of security. We tried different resolutions to resolve this issue or try to open the PADLOCK but it doesn’t work.

To resolve this issue or open the PADLOCK sign, there is an different SAP Note 3292499 which suggest to create the trusted system with old method by following below method –

1. Open SMT1 tcode.
2. Type ANLE_OLD in the field (without /n or /o), press enter
3. Create a Trusted RFC connection between 2 system (Pre requisite – ABAP RFC should be created earlier and you can assign that RFC during this screen)
4. Make sure user should have S_RFCACL, S_RFC_TT and S_RFC authorization object assigned.

Trusted System should be created in both systems via above method. (vice versa).

I believe above solution will help to resolve the Trusted/Trusting RFC connection issue.

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