/usr/sap/sid is 100% full.


Sometimes we received a numerous alerts, i.e. our background job failed, Updates got deactivated, Users are getting hung etc.

It’s a simple way to find out why this all occurs. Closely looks your 2 things.

1. Tablespace – If your tablespace is getting 97%-98% full, then you receive alerts from users that SM13/Updates are not working. This is the time to increase the tablespaces.

2. /usr/sap/sid – 100% utilised – How to check.

I am giving here example on linux (that will also works in UX/AIX, some changes in command only, Windows – directly browse the directory)

1. go to Os level. (PuttY)
2. Run – (df -m) this will show all file systems with size in MB & %.
3. Go to – (cd /usr/sap/SID/Instance_Profile/work)
4. run – (du -sh) this will show you the size of your work directory in MB.
5. (ls -ltr cor*) Now search for core file(if any), usually core files fills all the space. – Delete the core file if it’s old more then 7 days or as per your business requirement.
6. (ls -ltr *.old) Search for any dev_w3.old(Work Process old file) – Remove these files either zip the files as per your business requirement.
7. (gzip *.old) zipping all old files, it will give you enough space.
8. (rm *.old) removing all old files, if you not requires these files any more.

you can also spare some space by zipping or deleting current work process files i.e. (dev_w3).

Zipping dev_w3

mv dev_w3 dev_w3.old
gzip dev_w3.old (Output – dev_w3.old.gz)

Removing dev_3
cp /dev/null dev_3 ( this will do your file with 0 size.)

This is the workaround, however you can also access some other files & remove them.

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